Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekly Agenda 3.20-3.24 (UPDATED)


Review, Verify, Improve
SORs -statements of reasoning-
-laptop drafting

Introduction to 1984
-bridge from Hiroshima
-Orwell (Eric Blair) Biography
Descartes and “Thumbprint”
Reading Schedule
HW Read Chapters 3-4 and write 3Qs for FRIDAY.
AND, DRAFT 1 due Thursday

SSR (no journal entry)

Revise Draft 1
-counter claims

Review Chapters 3-4
-class discussion
-characterization paragraph

cont’ Introduction to 1984 (slides/notes)
-historical/political terms: socialism, communism, Stalinism, Marxism
-terms: Orwellian, big brother, thought police
-terms: autocracy, dystopia, negative utopia

Vocabulary List and Fun Sheet -Quiz after Spring Break
HW Read Chapters 5-6 for WEDNESDAY and write 3Qs, and identify 2-3 possible symbols.
AND, DRAFT 2 due MONDAY, typed; Timed writing Tuesday,