Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekly Agenda 11.14-11.18

Finish J&H Discussion
-Review Chapter 10 and T-graph
-Gallery Walk "Dichotomy Mask"

Timed Writing
On Tuesday, Students will trace one symbol (of their choice) through the text and complete a s/m/t chart and then follow it with a complete analytical paragraph using the TAC formula.  Students will be graded on √+, √, √-.

Romeo and Juliet
Elizabethan England
-chain of being
-beliefs, superstitions
Shakespeare Life and Times
-theater and performance

-rhyme and meter

Finish Review of Life and Times and Sonnet Requirements
HW DUE MONDAY, read ACT 1 and take notes in textbook; complete ACT 1 Review Sheet as you read.  
DUE TUESDAY, begin writing your original sonnet.  Brainstorm a possible topic and attempt the first quatrain (at least) of iambic pentameter and alternating rhyme scheme (end sound of each line).  Use tools on worksheet.  

Guiding Themes: loyalty, fate vs specific action, unrequited love, parental rebellion
HW READ ACT 1 for MONDAY, Nov 21st