Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekly Agenda 10.17-10.21


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Reading Schedule
Chapter 1 for 10.17
Chapter 2 for 10.21
Chapter 3 for 10.24
Chapter 4 for 10.27
Chapter 5 for 10.31 (Reading Quiz)
Chapter 6 and 7 for 11.3
Chapter 8 for 11.7
Chapter 9 for 11.10
Chapter 10 for 11.15

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Review Chapter 1
-3Q discussion
-Is Mr. Utterson a reliable narrator?  --Characterization?

-dichotomies: old and new world, civilized and primitive

-literary devices: dichotomy, irony, paradox

Finish questions for “Victorian Times”
-apply to Chapter 1

Review more terms:
HW Read Chapter 2 for Friday, 3Qs

SSR #6

Vocabulary Quiz: see list and study sheet, fill-in the blank and matching.

-motif list: intoxication/addiction, escapism, light and dark (shadow), duality
HW Read Chapter 3 for MONDAY