Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.23-5.27

The House on Mango Street

-Review “Gil’s Furniture, Bought and Sold” and examine the significance of the music box.  Chart sensory language.
-Review “Louie, His Cousin and His Other Cousin;” What is the significance of the Cadillac?  Do people in this neighborhood progress like the rest of the world?  Why or why not?
-Review “Marin” and create a chart to document the characteristics of women who influence Esperanza.
HW Mimic due tomorrow.  Read pp33-45 for Thursday.

Share mimics
Brainstorm different RITES OF PASSAGE one encounters in his/her lifetime.  
-which of Esperanza’s rites have been good? bad? Provide evidence.

SSR-Independent Book
Independent Reading Review due at the end of next Wednesday, after Group Review.

-Review Rites of Passage; Review ‘Born Bad” and identify figurative language and its effect on the reader.  Read “Edna’s Ruthie” and begin conversation about CINDERELLA COMPLEX.  (if time, read excerpts from Carter’s The Bloody Chamber).
-Review “SIre” (sketch notes) and explain how Esperanza is different from Sire’s girlfriend?  What is the significance of her not knowing how to tie her shoes?
-Review and discuss “Sally,” how does she influence E?
HW Read pp 46-71 for Tuesday, and write 1 original vignette, and type 1 revised mimic.

FRIDAY  Sensory/Imagery PIE
-Review “A Smart Cookie” and examine what this charts says about regret.  
-Review “What Sally Said;” What is Sally’s reality?  What happens when parent’s expectations suffocate a child’s developing identity?
MEMORY FREEWRITE (3 step process)