Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.16-5.20

The House on Mango Street

-style of writing
-short Cisneros Biography, modern work
-define vignette: portrait, appeal to sense,
--review figurative language
HW Read and write,  pp 3-20 for Thursday; Write “Hairs” or “My Name” mimic, due Thursday.

Independent Reading Review
HW Mimics due tomorrow.

-create sensory wheel for notes: record evidence that fits in the appropriate sense
-Review “The House…,” Answer: What kind of house is it?  How does the nun question reveal the character’s true feelings about her house?  How does repetition work in this vignette?
-Review “Hairs,” Answer: What kind of hair characterizes her various family members?  Record evidence in your sensory wheel.
-Review “Boys and Girls” and Identify motifs.  How does the narrator’s circumstances affect her freedom?  Identify and analyze the metaphor.

Share mimics.
-Review “Cathy, Queen of Cats” and Comment on the figurative language and device, what is their effect?  Comment on gentrification and socio-economic status.  Comment on narrative or embedded dialogue.
-Review “Our Good Day” and examine bicycle symbolism.

HW Read pp21-32 for MONDAY; and write 1 mimic of your choice for TUESDAY.