Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.31-6.3


-Share Original

-Review “The Monkey Garden” and explain how the story follows a similar scheme as the rite of passage ones.
HW Read 72-83 for Thursday and write 1 more original vignette (see assignment handout for ideas and help)

Independent Book Review Questions-DUE!
Prompt Outline
HW Read 84-110

-Review “Red Clowns” and explore the racial implications; how is the moon voyeuristic; what might the red clowns represent?
-Writer’s Workshop: thoughtshots, baby steps, 6 word memoirs, “Ghost Walk” -suspense writing, etc.
HW Vignette’s DUE the day of the Final

-Share vignettes
-Review “The Three Sisters’ and explain the mythological allusion: 3 fates, Analyze “You must remember to come back.  For the ones who cannot leave as easily as you.”

MONDAY is the 
Vignette collection due!  
Prepare for timed writing final, collect evidence,

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.23-5.27

The House on Mango Street

-Review “Gil’s Furniture, Bought and Sold” and examine the significance of the music box.  Chart sensory language.
-Review “Louie, His Cousin and His Other Cousin;” What is the significance of the Cadillac?  Do people in this neighborhood progress like the rest of the world?  Why or why not?
-Review “Marin” and create a chart to document the characteristics of women who influence Esperanza.
HW Mimic due tomorrow.  Read pp33-45 for Thursday.

Share mimics
Brainstorm different RITES OF PASSAGE one encounters in his/her lifetime.  
-which of Esperanza’s rites have been good? bad? Provide evidence.

SSR-Independent Book
Independent Reading Review due at the end of next Wednesday, after Group Review.

-Review Rites of Passage; Review ‘Born Bad” and identify figurative language and its effect on the reader.  Read “Edna’s Ruthie” and begin conversation about CINDERELLA COMPLEX.  (if time, read excerpts from Carter’s The Bloody Chamber).
-Review “SIre” (sketch notes) and explain how Esperanza is different from Sire’s girlfriend?  What is the significance of her not knowing how to tie her shoes?
-Review and discuss “Sally,” how does she influence E?
HW Read pp 46-71 for Tuesday, and write 1 original vignette, and type 1 revised mimic.

FRIDAY  Sensory/Imagery PIE
-Review “A Smart Cookie” and examine what this charts says about regret.  
-Review “What Sally Said;” What is Sally’s reality?  What happens when parent’s expectations suffocate a child’s developing identity?
MEMORY FREEWRITE (3 step process)

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.16-5.20

The House on Mango Street

-style of writing
-short Cisneros Biography, modern work
-define vignette: portrait, appeal to sense,
--review figurative language
HW Read and write,  pp 3-20 for Thursday; Write “Hairs” or “My Name” mimic, due Thursday.

Independent Reading Review
HW Mimics due tomorrow.

-create sensory wheel for notes: record evidence that fits in the appropriate sense
-Review “The House…,” Answer: What kind of house is it?  How does the nun question reveal the character’s true feelings about her house?  How does repetition work in this vignette?
-Review “Hairs,” Answer: What kind of hair characterizes her various family members?  Record evidence in your sensory wheel.
-Review “Boys and Girls” and Identify motifs.  How does the narrator’s circumstances affect her freedom?  Identify and analyze the metaphor.

Share mimics.
-Review “Cathy, Queen of Cats” and Comment on the figurative language and device, what is their effect?  Comment on gentrification and socio-economic status.  Comment on narrative or embedded dialogue.
-Review “Our Good Day” and examine bicycle symbolism.

HW Read pp21-32 for MONDAY; and write 1 mimic of your choice for TUESDAY.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Timed Final Prompt: Monday, June 6th

Culminating Essay Prompt:

Students will have written an essay for 1984, will have isolated evidence for The Metamorphosis in Chapter Pictures and in an s/m/t chart; collect and connect, and T.A.C.  After reading The House on Mango Street students will generate a list of evidence that supports the idea that Esperanza struggles against her society.  

Adapted from an AP 1976 Open Question:
The will of the individual opposes the will of the majority.  Using key literary characters, analyze the conflict and discuss the implications for both individuals and society.

Choose from, at least, 3 titles:

Independent Reading:
Fahrenheit 451
Oryx and Crake
V for Vendetta
Farewell to Manzanar
The Sound of Waves

Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.9-5.13

The Metamorphosis

Review Long Definition
-share either a clarifying or thought-provoking question, or a summary
-unpack words
-”existence precedes essence”

Reread End of Chapter 2, analyze apple, read end notes, discuss significance

Chapter Pictures

Review Chapter 3
-add to s/m/t
-end scene symbolism

Work day
HW Read Sartre Essay, take notes

Review Sartre Essay

“Letter to His Father” Analysis

Doodle Analysis/”Balance”

Writing: Outline prep for culminating essay prompt.
HW Typed Outline Prep.
-included evidence and analysis from Metamorphosis