Friday, April 29, 2016

Weekly Agenda 5.2-5.6

The Metamorphosis
Reading Schedule
WEEK 1: 5.2-5.5.6


Chapter 1 by Monday, May 2nd
Chapter 2 by Thursday, May 5th
Chapter 3 by Tuesday, May 10th

For each Chapter create a Chapter Picture and prepare to share, these will correspond to Journal Entries at 10pts each.
Include the following:
A single picture of the most important scene from the chapter accompanied by a corresponding quotation.  Separately, write a short summary of the chapter and 3-Level Questions.
Lastly, all 3 Chapter Pictures should match in style, size, and effort.

Define existentialism
-tie back to 1984, Equilibrium, and Descartes
-provide short definition
--unpack definition

Define/Remind allegory

Kafka Bio

Review Chapter 1:
3-Q Discussion
Work on Journal Entry


Watch Balance? (if I can get it to work)
-tie back to definition

Read long definition
-reciprocal teaching

Review Chapter 2:
3-Q Discussion
Work on Journal Entry