Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weekly Agenda 10.5-10.9

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Review Chapter 8
-3-level discussion
-examples of pathetic fallacy, connect to duality, gothic, foreshadowing
Review timeline of events for Chapter 8 "The Last Night"

symbolism: cheval glass -"This glass has seen some strange things, sir."
-loaded language

2nd part of symbol map: Identify a symbol that is present in one of the chapters 1-7, as well as, chapter 8.  On a typed-MLA formatted document write an analytical paragraph about the significance of the one symbol.  See assignment.
HW Read Chapters 9 for Wednesday.

Paired Quote Analysis: approach provided evidence with a close-reading technique
-TAC; allusions; figurative language; s/m/t/; characterization; compare/contrast; dichotomy; denotation/connotation
HW Read Chapter 10 for Friday.
AND, symbol map due TUESDAY.

SSR #6

Key Term Reading Quiz (This is a reading check, random key ideas and terms will be on the board for you to write to one of them, just like the Chapter 6 reading quiz).

Review Chapters 9 and 10: double, duplicate, duplicity

Assign Chapters to groups
HW Focus on analyzing language from assigned chapter; finish Symbol Map.

Symbol Map Gallery Walk
Group Paragraph
Group Quick Draw
Study Guide
Book Test