Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly Agenda 9.8-9.11

Short Week: Tuesday-Full day; Wednesday-Late Start; Thursday-Minimum Day; Friday-Full Day


The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde READING SCHEDULE

Chapter 1 for Sept. 10th
Chapter 2 for Sept 15th
Chapter 3 for Sept 17th
Chapter 4 for Sept  21st
Chapter 5 for Sept 24th
Chapter 6 for Sept 28th
Chapter 7 for
Chapter 8 for
Chapter 9 for
Chapter 10 for 

Stevenson Biography
-brief on Jung and Freud
define allegory, archetype, shadow, paradox, allusions

Assign Books: Chapter 1, consider language and allusions

Book Assignment: Chapter Symbol Map-for each Chapter a specific location (on occasion, 2 locations) is the focal point of the events for the chapters.  Choose 1-2 symbols to represent that chapter and draw a simple map to represent the main locations of the story with symbols as a key to the events that occur within each location.  See demonstration for chapter 1.  Due before the Book Test.
HW Finish Reading Chapter 1, 3-Qs in notes, record symbol; for THURSDAY.

SSR #2

Review J&H Chapter 1:
--Is Mr. Utterson a reliable narrator? Characterization:
-literary devices
-Vocabulary: inventory and fun sheet

begin Reading "The Victorian Times"
-group questions, record in NOTES
HW Read Chapter 2 for Sept 15th