Sunday, September 20, 2015

Weekly Agenda 9.21-9.25

Finish Victorian Times article
-Answer questions in complete sentences, with evidence, in your Reading Journal, #4.

Review Chapter 4
Class Discussion: 3Qs, symbols

-motif/dichotomies: old world and new world, civilized and primitive
-symbols: cane, Hyde's apartment, the maid

Quote Analysis: Writing
HW Read Chapter 5 for Thursday, Sept. 24th

WEDNESDAY is a school holiday
-no journal entry

Review Chapter 5

Read "The Shadow" by H.C. Andersen
HW Read J&H, Chapter 6 for Sep. 28th;
AND, READING JOURNAL #5:  finish the worksheet for "The Shadow"
AND, TOTAL JOURNAL for Grading Period, 25pts