Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekly Agenda 9.15-9.18

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde/ "The Shadow"

Book Assignment: Chapter Symbol Map-for each Chapter a specific location (on occasion, 2 locations) is the focal point of the events for the chapters.  Choose 1-2 symbols to represent that chapter and draw a simple map to represent the main locations of the story with symbols as a key to the events that occur within each location.  See demonstration for chapter 1.  Due before the Book Test.

Review Chapter 2
-Utterson's role as a narrator
-gothic, paradox, irony, dichotomy
-motifs: intoxication/addiction, escapism, light and dark (shadow), duality

Begin "Victorian Times" Article: include responses in READING JOURNAL #3 -No need for letters format, just answer questions.
HW Read Chapter 3 for Thursday

SSR  #3

Vocabulary Quiz: Matching and Filling in the Blank

Continue reading "The Victorian Times"
-include responses in READING JOURNAL #4 -No need for letters format, just answer questions.
-share and discuss
-apply to Jekyll and Hyde

Review Chapter 3: chart timeline
-review symbols for map

"The Shadow" by H.C.A.
-worksheet: vocabulary, level questions, archetypes
HW Read Chapter 4 for Sept. 21st, Monday; 
AND, complete worksheet