Sunday, April 19, 2015

Two Week Agenda 4.20-5.1

April 20–May 1, 2015
Block Schedule
Mondays & Thursdays - ODD
Tuesday & Friday - EVEN
April 20–May 1, 2015
Block Schedule
Wednesdays - LATE START

Period A
Period 1/2
Period 3/4

7:12-8:08 AM
8:15-10:15 AM
10:15-10:24 AM
10:34 AM-12:34 PM
Period 5/6

12:34-1:09 PM
1:16-3:16 PM

Period A
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3

8:45-9:30 AM
9:36-10:21 AM
10:28-11:13 AM
11:20 AM-12:05 PM
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6

12:05-12:40 PM
12:47-1:32 PM
1:39-2:24 PM
2:31-3:16 PM
The Metamorphosis

WEEK 4.20-4.24
Get Books

Descartes and "Thumbprint
-individuality, identity

-short, long definition (see reciprocal reading)
-define allegory
-Jean Paul Sartre
--how do analogies work?

Kafka Bio
HW  read Chapter 1 for Thursday/Friday.
AND,complete Chapter Picture 1 for MONDAY/TUESDAY.

Watch short film Balance
-connect back to individuality and identity

Review Chapter Pictures
-3-Q Class Discussion
--character and symbol

Read through beginning of Chapter 2
-paired T.A.C, integrate quotations

HW  read Chapter 2 for MONDAY/TUESDAY.
AND, complete Chapter Picture 2 for THURSDAY/FRIDAY (of next week).

WEEK 4.27-5.1

Review Chapter Pictures
--character and symbol

Brainstorm 3-D Project:
-due MONDAY, MAY 8th
HW Read Chapter 3 and complete Chapter Picture 3, due Tuesday.

#11: See required format for completing Journal Entry for Chapter 2, or Chapter 3.

Review Chapter Picture 2

-3-Q Class Discussion
--character and symbol

HW Chapter Picture 3, due Tuesday, along with other 2, a total of 3.

Discuss Ending
"Letter to his Father" excerpt and analysis
Doodle Analysis

-JOURNAL ENTRY #11: respond to prompt with 4 paragraph essay.
Independent Reading 
House on Mango Street