Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Agenda 3.23-3.27


Open notes-open book partner quiz
SSR or work on Character Venn
HW Read Book 2, Chapter 10 for TUESDAY

Partner grade quiz (not  your own, likely one from another class)
Discuss Goldstein's Book and Chapter 10
HW Read Book 3, Chapters 1-3 for Thursday

SSR #9
or, work on Character Venn
HW Read Book 3, Chapters 4-6 for Friday

Review Chapters 1-3
HW Character Venn due tomorrow!

Review Chapters 4-6
Collect Character Venn
Prompts quickwrite

Recommended for Spring Break
1.  Read outside reading book, catch up on Reading Journal Entries; you should have completed through #9.
2.  No reading quiz for April 13th; however, make sure you have completed a thesis and t-graph with at least 2-3 pieces of evidence and analysis in support of your prompt.  This will be checked on the 13th for completion credit.  1984 essay will be due between April 20th and 24th, no later, to