Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Character Venn Assignment

Body Biography: A body biography assumes that each part of a character's body can be aligned with an aspect of their personality, or their actions.

For example, in 1984 Winston "was writing in his diary" with his hands (55).  He writes memories he has and rebellious ideas he entertains.  The very act of writing in a personal journal is rebellious and could cost Winston his life.  By writing in the diary, Winston takes risks and, ultimately, reveals his courage in documenting his individuality.  

When creating my Character Venn, I might align this particular quotation and analysis with Winston's hands.  If I were to identify a shared body part between Winston and Julia, I could record it and supporting evidence and analysis in the middle portion of the imaginary Venn diagram, between their two bodies.

Requirements: Each body biography must have 8 total pieces of evidence: minimal 4 quotations and 4 examples.  More quotations than examples (summary or paraphrase) is okay, but not vice versa. Shared body parts can be supported by one piece of evidence and analysis; yet, they count for both bodies, both Winston and Julia.

Check +   =Excellent evidence and analysis: insightful, creative, and thorough. --properly cited.  Presentation is strong, with a balanced composition of bold colors or black and white.  Print is easy to read and does not clutter the page.  
Check      =Strong use of evidence and analysis: appropriate and creative --properly cited.  Presentation is good, with a solid composition of colors or black and white.  Print is easy to read and does not clutter the page.  
Check -    =Fair use of evidence and analysis; may be superficial in its application --properly cited.  Presentation may be messy or sloppy.  Composition leaves blank spaces, is unbalanced.  Print is not entirely clear.

No credit/
Revision required =insufficient amount of quotations and analysis.  Sketch or draft images may look incomplete.  No citations.  Evidence is only from one portion of the book, usually the beginning.  

KP (3.2014)
This is an example of student work from a prior year.  This student cleverly used vellum paper to overlay text on image.   The center three quotations correspond to both characters' bodies.  Please see me for original.