Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Agenda 1.20-1.23


Business Letter Draft
-extensive edit: format, parts, active verbs, transitions, minimal use of 2nd person.
-peer counter claim, pretend you are the recipient of the letter and write a response
--writer, what new arguments did your partner come up with?
-review signal phrases: differentiate between paraphrase and direct quotation

Finish Movie and Review Notes
HW Final Business Letter Due next Monday, Jan 26th; DUE to by 11:59pm AND in hand on TUESDAY for grading.
AND, read chapter 1 for Thursday and write 3-level questions.

SSR #2
-read your independent book, or Hiroshima.

Vocabulary List, quiz next week

Review Chapter 1
-3-level Q. discussion
-journalistic style (How do Hersey's choice of adjectives influence the reader's perception of the survivor's experience?)
-begin character chart

Statistics and Visuals
-reading infographic
-more footage
HW Final Draft of Business Letter due Monday to, Tuesday in hand.  AND, read chapter 2 for next Thursday, and write 3-level questions.