Sunday, September 28, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.29-10.3

--end of grading period this week, Oct. 3rd--

Peer Edit Dream Analysis Paragraphs
-check for parts: is evidence suitable, sufficient to support complex topic?
--how do you know?
-work on transitional expressions, embedding smaller chunks of quotations
--what can the writer improve immediately, work on in the long terms; what did they do well?

Review Chapter 5: allusions, vocabulary
HW Typed paragraph due WEDNESDAY to; Journals due tomorrow.

Collect Journals: self-graded, complete table of contents
Cont' discussing Chapters 5 and 6: allusions, vocabulary

NO journal entry
SSR: where are you at in your outside reading book?
HW Don't forget to upload paragraphs tonight!

Review Chapter 7: allusions, vocabulary
3-level Question discussion, for credit

What's your Growing Picture going to be?
-Due next THURSDAY--Gallary Walk

Fun Stuff: Dream Interpretation; Freudian Test; Sentence Portrait
HW FINISH Demian for MONDAY, if you haven't already.  Work sheet on Monday: T-graph Collect and Connect for chapters 5,6,7.  Review Jungian notes.