Sunday, September 21, 2014

Weekly Agenda 9.22-9.24, 9.26



Continue allusions for Chapter 4
-visuals-see power point
-read passages from book as they complement visuals

Read Chapter 5 for TUESDAY; Chapter 6 for MONDAY.  You will probably start to imagine what your complete Growing Picture will turn into.

SSR #6

Happy Rosh Hashanah

Group Analysis
-draft an outline explaining what each symbol in Sinclair's dream means
-tie each symbol to Sinclair's character
-predict future developments based on his character
Individual Analysis
-draft a paragraph: How does Sinclair's dream reflect how he straddles two worlds; and, how the pull of each world in necessary for his development?
--use most of your evidence from the dream: use Jungian/Freudian ideas when appropriate
--include transitional expressions to tie together ideas
--practice writing a concluding statement that articulates implication of dream for Sinclair, and dreams for humanity.
HW Type your paragraph (follow elaborate TAC), use proper MLA and submit to by Wednesday, October 1st by 11:59pm.

Peer Edit
Dream Interpretation
-Freud Test
Review Chapters 5 and 6
HW Work on Dream Paragraph; Journals will be due next week, make sure they are up to date: 6 entries...