Monday, August 18, 2014

WELCOME! Weekly Agenda 8.19-8.22

Welcome to our classroom weekly agenda and homework blog.  Here you will find reading schedules, agenda items, due dates, homework and hand outs.  It would be wise to book mark the url.

Quick expectations talk> Course outline to follow this week.
Define perspective, empathy, and the value of audience
Role Play Activity
HW  Create account and sign up:
Class # 8403467  Password: Stevens (case sensitive);

Reading Journal Options Packet and Composition Book
-Typical Wednesday Schedule and Expectations
-Practice Journal Entries: A1 and A2, B on Every Day by David Levithan, Day 5998
--class room discussion
--briefly discuss self-grade rubric
HW Journal Entry #1: Choose an excerpt from Every Day  and complete a journal entry A, B, C

Self-Grade Journal Entry #1
-share and reflect
Every Day by David Levithan, Day 6011
-practice entries  E, F
-Quaker Share

Every Day by David Levithan, Day 6017
-practice entries D, G
HW Bring Kindred on Monday,