Saturday, April 26, 2014

Weekly Agenda April 28-May 2

The Metamorphosis

WEEK 2  -->May 9th
Share Chapter Pictures
Finish Reciprocal Teaching
Add to S/M/T and paired T.A.C
HW Read Chapter 3 and complete Chapter Picture 3 for Thursday


Watch short Animation Film: "Balance"
-3D project assignment, due MONDAY May12th, 20 points to Creative category

Share Chapter Pictures

Doodle Analysis

Excerpt from "Letter to His Father"
-response and analysis due TUESDAY

NEXT 3D Project Gallery Walk; Mango Street

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Equilibrium Movie Review

Equilibrium                                                                                                                     Movie Review
by Kurt Wimmer, Starring: Christian Bale as John Preston; and other performances by Emily Watson, Taye Diggs and Sean Bean 

o 1 page-MLA,  Due WEDNESDAY, April 30th to

o summary-describe the basic themes, plot elements, story lines, characters

o analysis-describe how themes relate to democracy, citizenship, oppression, equality v. inequality, power, etc in 1984

o conclusion-end with an informed recommendation of the film: you can review individual performances, fight scene choreography, sets, costume, cinematography, or whatever you might be interested in on a personal level

10 pts to writing category.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly Agenda 4.21-.4.25

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Please get parent signatures ASAP for Equalibrium

Reminder: discussion

Independent Reading Essay:
-timed writing, journal entry #13.
-features, examples
-tie your book to our latest unit, what might it and 1984 have in common?; what are some of the author's intended themes, how do you know?  how does the author's style reflect his/her message?

Begin Movie

continue movie

finish movie
-look at movie reviews: professional L.A Times, as well as, student examples.
-see movie review assignment.  Due to by next WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30th. 10 pts to writing category.


...if time, we will return 1984 and get The Metamorphosis from the book room

Thursday, April 17, 2014

DUE MONDAY, April 21st

Reading Journal Entries #10 and #11;  
write one response on the discussion boards about the independent reading book of your choice; 
Extra Credit option: read one dystopian novel (one you haven't read yet!) and write an extra reading journal, #12.