Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Agenda 3.31-4.4

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Character Venn Collection
-show and tell

Essay prompts
-Quick Writes

Review Book 3, Chapters 1-3
-quotation share
HW Write an introduction with a compelling thesis.  

Check Intro and Thesis
-record thesis on post-it for feedback
-intro essentials

Collecting Evidence
-writing circles
-topic sentence strategies
HW Write two body paragraphs to support your thesis. DUE THURSDAY.

-no entry (please see entries that are due when you return from break, if you would like you could accomplish them now)

Review Book 3, Chapters 4-6. ENDING!!
Quaker share essential quotations:
-found poem: Begin on an assigned page, then skip every 10-15 pages and record 1-5 words, or phrase until you reach the end of the book; everyone must record something from the last page.

Peer Edit: do's and don'ts
FLTs: writing a conclusion
HW 1984 essay due to by 11:59pm.  

SPRING BREAK distractions: Reading Journal Entries #10 and #11;  write one response on the discussion boards about the independent reading book of your choice; Extra Credit option: read one dystopian novel (one you haven't read yet!) and write an extra reading journal, #12.