Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekly Agenda 9.16-9.20


Review Chapter 3 3Qs
-Demian/Sinclair friendship
Journal Option F
-s/m/t -->TAC: write a paragraph about their friendship based on symbols they share
HW Read, Chapter 5 due Wednesday, and 3Qs

Review Chapter 4
NOTES: citing evidence form Chapters 1-4, predict potential developments in the story.  Be prepared to share.  Tie your predictions to theme.
Allusion: Dante's Beatrice
Share Dreams, meanings, purpose, etc.
HW SSR tomorrow, bring Independent book; AND, make sure you are caught up on Demian reading for Thursday!


Chapter 4: "Beatrice" The Dream
Group Analysis
-draft an outline explaining what each symbol in Sinclair's dream means
-tie each symbol to Sinclair's character
-predict future developments based on his character
Individual Analysis
-draft a paragraph: How does Sinclair's dream reflect how he straddles two worlds; and, how the pull of each world is necessary for his development?
--use most of your evidence from the dream; use Jungian/Freudian ideas when appropriate
--include transitional expressions to tie together ideas
--practice writing a concluding statement that articulates implication of dream for Sinclair, and dreams for humanity.
HW Type your paragraph (follow elaborate TAC), use proper MLA and submit to by Monday, 11:59pm.   
AND, don't forget to read chapter 6, and add to Growing Picture.

Chapters 6-8
Sentence Portraits: Sinclair, Demian, Frau Eva?
You-->two worlds (________)
Style Quiz?