Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Agenda 8.26-8.30

Course Outline
-signature required
Setting up your Journal
Review Journal Entry #1
-pair share
-class reflection on places to improve
-characterization, structure, dialogue
Review Journal Entry Options E, F & H
-opportunity to practice E
HW Signature please.  Reading Journal Entry #2 on KINDRED due WED.


TFIOS Rhetorical Analysis Practice Essay Prompt in your Journal, #3.
-timed writing, 45 minutes, 4 paragraphs
-peer reviewed
-self graded
Class reflection
HW Write 3-level questions on Kindred  for tomorrow.

Review 3Qs, review Journal #2
Figurative Language Graphic Organizer
-characterization (dynamic, static, foil), irony, metaphor, simile, imagery, personification/pathetic fallacy, digression, conflict/parallel conflicts, hyperbole, symbol, motif, theme, etc.
HW find evidence in Kindred of two or more kinds of figurative language; answer, how do these devices enhance the story.

Review homework
Group-Class discussion: How does time travel work in Kindred; why does Butler use it (rather than some other device); and, is it a metaphor for slavery?  Does it make Butler's message more persuasive?
HW Complete literary terms quiz to be turned in for a grade.

Turn in Lit. Terms Quiz
Read Octavia Butler Interview
-respond to prompt
Find language to share aloud
-Quaker Share.
MLA Review to prepare for homework.
HW Typed Paragraph explaining the successes and failures of your education in regards to the Af. Am. slave's experience; compare/contrast them to what you learn from Butler's novel.
DO NOT turn in to
Due TUESDAY, printed copy.
more Kindred
Demian, by Hermann Hesse