Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Agenda 4.8-4.12

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( End of Grading Period-April 26th)

Growing Picture Gallery
Packet review
Return books
Metamorphosis Essays available for viewing
HW: -Journal Entry # ____: View your essay comments on  Select 8 comments, record them in your journal and make corrections.  Some may be longer than others, all will require you to write the sentence(s) you are correcting.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Background
-Stevenson short bio
-the times
-allusions and footnotes
HW Read Chapter 1 for Thursday and write 3-Qs

Sharing excerpts from our Journals
Book Talk (new titles for Two Worlds Unit)
Selecting our next Ind. Read book

Review Chapter 1
-plot clarity
-write 1 paragraph characterizing our narrator, use language from Stevenson
--determine whether or not he is reliable
Vocabulary Fun Sheet
HW Read Chapter 2 for Monday and write 3-Qs

the Victorian times (packet and Qs)
-answer questions in journal # ___
HW Read and study for Vocab Quiz next Thursday