Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Agenda 3.18-3.22


Write in response to the dream analysis prompt.
Share with neighbors.
HW See Reading Schedule, Chapter 3 is due tomorrow.

Review Chapters and T.A.C.
Elaborate on "Growing Picture" assignment
Mini paragraph topics:
-looking at characters
1) How does the description of Demian match his personality?  Would Demian be your friend, would you want him to be?  What is infatuation and how might it play a role in Sinclair relationship with Demian? (p32)
2) What is the purpose of the "tricks" Demian plays on people?  How do these tricks empower Sinclair? (pp34-35)
3) Analyze the passage on Dover Edition, page 39 (full paragraph), and connect it to "Two Worlds" and Jungian theory.
-apply Jungian theory to text
-analyze relationships
-explain symbols
--s/m/t chart
--dream analysis: recall an image from a recent dream and analyze its significance (for example: flying)
-identifying allusions
-vocabulary in context
-Style/Grammar quiz
-Creative writing: Character Sentence Portrait
HW Over break, complete DEMIAN, you do not have to worry about writing 3-level questions, just  work on the T-graph.  Complete all the poem from the "packet."  Complete your Growing Picture.  

AND, Write one journal entry on either an independent reading book, or a book of your choice.