Friday, January 11, 2013

The House on Mango Street

-Share Mimics
continued from Friday:
Our Good Day" Create a t-chart to document bicycle symbolism.  
Write short paragraph 
"Gil's Furniture Bought and Sold" What is the significance of the music box?  Chart sensory language.
"Louie, His Cousin & His Other Cousin" What is the significance of the Cadillac?  Do people of this neighborhood progress like the rest of the world?  Why or Why not?
"Marin" Create a chart to document the characteristics of women who influence Esperanza.
HW see reading schedule 

Revisit chart, what additional characters can we add.  How do they influence Esperanza?
'The Family of Little Feet" What do the shoes symbolize?  
Brainstorm different Rites of Passage.  Write about a significant rite of passage, how did it change your life.  Detail the experience and explain how you are different now.
HW see reading schedule 


In pairs, work on handout.  Several of the vignettes relate to rites of passage.  Explain how and what is the significance of the experience(s).
Neighborhood Freewrite
HW see reading schedule 

Share Mimic
"Born Bad" Identify figurative language and its effect on the reader.  Complete s/m/t chart.
"Edna's Ruthie" Cinderella syndrome.
"Sire" How is Esperanza different from Sire's girlfriend?  What is the significance of her not knowing how to tie her shoes?
HW see reading schedule