Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly Agendas 12.3-12.14

Review more of Chapter 4
Group Work
-annotate articles and outline important information
-review rubric
-sample article and citations
-layout: visuals, etc.

SSR #16
HW Read Chapter 5 and 3Qs

Review Chapter 5
Group Work
-editing and final layout

-4 teams
Who will earn the most points??
HW Work on Newspaper

WEEK FOUR 12.10-12.14
Read “An Anniversary to Forget”
-Read around marginalia
--respond to each other's margin notes in conversation form
Excerpts” Akira Kurasawa’s DREAMS
-note cultural commentary and motifs
HW “Nuclear Worksheet”

More excerpts Kurasawa
Group Work

Share Newspaper Highlights!
Fishbowl Socratic Seminar
-10 minutes in each group
-discuss “Nuclear Worksheet”
Review Persuasive Writing
-authentic audience
-citing sources
(credibility, bias, integrating)
-paraphrasing vs. direct quotation
-signal phrases

PREPARE for the final:
Review your foldables, your notes on persuasive writing and any support materials on Hiroshima.  Bring all of your materials to your final date.
1 timed writing essay:
20 multiple choice questions

December 17th + 18th