Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Agenda 11/26-11/30

Review chapters 2 & 3: discussion
-essential questions
HW Conduct a Parent Interview: Ask your parents 3 essential questions about nuclear arms.

“Obligations” handout
-military behavior (WWII)
-National Character Studies (WWII)
HW Read Chapter 4 for FRIDAY and 3Qs


“An Anniversary to Forget”
-Read around marginalia
--respond to each other's margin notes in conversation form
Group Research Newspaper: students will be assigned to groups of 5.  Each member will have a topic to research and write a new style article.  Some members will be responsible for layout and visuals.  
-to add to your newspaper, include period advertisements, comics, etc.
-August 1945
DUE next FRIDAY, DEC 7th.
HW Begin Research, bring in articles and materials tomorrow.

Review Chapter 4
Group Work.

-Nuclear Worksheet
Persuasive Essay Style (synthesis-lite)
-authentic audience
-citing sources
(credibility, bias, integrating)
-paraphrasing vs. direct quotation
-signal phrases
Excerpt from Kurosawa’s Dreams
Fishbowl Socratic Seminar