Saturday, November 10, 2012

Weekly Agenda 11/13-11/16

Hiroshima by John Hersey

Introduction to Hiroshima
K.W.L Notes
Reflection and Freewrite
HW Business Letter is due to by 11:59 WED.  No hard copy necessary, will be graded online.

SSR (Free choice, or see list of complementary titles to Hiroshima)
Self-grade and turn in journals.


Begin Jennings’ documentary
-reflect on who were the key players; how decisions were made; what factors were taken into consideration before the bomb was dropped
Excerpts from other bomb test-site footage

HW Read Chapter 1 and 3Qs for Monday

SOAPSTone analysis
(how do Hersey’s choice of adjectives influence the reader’s perception of the survivor’s experience)
-point of view
-population behavior
-“Obligations” handout
-military behavior (WWII)
-National Character Studies (WWII)
“An Anniversary to Forget”
-reaction to the end
-Nuclear Worksheet
Persuasive Essay Style (synthesis-lite)
-authentic audience
-citing sources
(credibility, bias, integrating)
-paraphrasing vs. direct quotation
-signal phrases
Excerpt from Kurosawa’s Dreams

Prepare for the final
-outline essay
Fishbowl Socratic Seminar