Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Agenda 9/24-9/28


Book Review Questions
Share Interviews
-draw connections to Winston
3-level Q. discussion
HW See reading schedule
1984 is split up into 3 books with chapters in between, you will be required to read approximately 20 pages per every 3 days.

Book 1, Chapter 1 for Friday 9/7
Book 1, Chapters 2-4 for Monday 9/10
Book 1, Chapters 5-6 for Thursday 9/13
Book 1, Chapters 7-8 for Tuesday 9/18

Book 2, Chapters 1-3 for Thursday 9/20
Book 2, Chapters 4-6 for Monday 9/24
Book 2, Chapters 7-8 for Thursday 9/27
Book 2, (p166 or stop where Ignorance is Strength begins) for Monday 10/1
Book 2, Chapters 9-10 for Thursday 10/4

Book 3, Chapters 1-2 for Monday 10/8
Book 3, Finish book for Thursday 10/11

Body Biography Venn Diagram
-see board instructions
For two characters, find evidence that matches parts pf their body.  For example, for their brain, you might find evidence for what they are thinking.  For their heart, you might find evidence of something they feel or love.

Local Holiday

3-level Q discussion
Book Review Qs
Self-grade and turn in your journals.  
This week marks the end of Grading period 1, grades will be pulled next week and sent home in a progress report.  Please take time to look at your grades.
HW See reading Journal

Add to symbols list
Read and discuss key excerpts: pp 114, 119, 128-9, 132.
What is the difference between the Inner and Outer party
HW Character Venn due Monday