Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Agenda 8/27-8/31

Create portfolios
Discuss Kindred

  • title and implication
  • questions of genre
  • 3-level questions discussion and review text
  • characterization: dynamic, static, foil
Greater discussion about figurative language
HW Due Wednesday, compare The Glass Castle  to Kindred

Continue discussion about figurative language; find examples of the following terms in Kindred:
  • characterization
  • irony
  • metaphor
  • simile
  • imagery
  • personification/pathetic fallacy
  • digression
  • conflict/parallel conflicts
  • symbol
  • motif
  • theme
  • s/m/t chart
Practice Glossary Entry

Review homework
Article relating to The Glass Castle
-close reading
-practice reading journal format #1
HW The Glass Castle-Write a glossary entry for a literary term of your choice.

Check glossary entries.
Journal Entry #2: in a thoughtful paragraph, explore time travel as a metaphor; as it relates to slavery, and how it makes the narrative unique and the message more persuasive.
In class literary terms quiz, partner work.
HW Finish literary terms quiz for tomorrow

Journal Entry #3: Read Octavia Butler interview and write a short essay (4 paragraphs).  See prompt.
-swap and peer response
-"How well did their response negotiate the prompt?"
-"What did they well; what needs improvement?"
-evidence and argument
-vocabulary and sentence structure
HW Timed Writing Tuesday