Friday, March 30, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chapter Picture Requirements

Complete a Chapter Picture for each of the 3 chapters in The Metamorphosis, include:

  • 1 full-size picture (8x11)or comic book style cells that depict the most important scene.
  • A quotation that matches the picture.
  • On the back, write 3-level questions.
  • On the back, write a short summary of the chapter.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Metamorphosis Agenda

March 19-23
March 26-30
April 16-20
April 23-27
Mon-Tues: Romeo and Juliet Study and Test

Wed: Get Books
Review Book Report format
-writing a thesis
-analytical paragraphs
Book Report due to next Wed, March 28th.  Hard Copy due Thursday.

Kafka Bio and background
-existentialism, short definition
Chapter Picture Assignment
HW Read Chapter 1 and complete 1st chapter picture

Fri:  Allegory
Jean Paul Sartre and existentialism-essay.
Review Chapter 1
HW Read Chapter 2 and complete 2nd chapter picture

Mon-Tues: Prepare portfolios for Open House.
Existentialism, long definition
-reciprocal reading
Review chapter 2
HW Read Chapter 3 for Thursday and complete 3rd chapter picture.

Wed: SSR

Review Chapter 3
Excerpt from Letter to His Father”
Doodle analysis
“Balance” animation and 3D project
Essay Prompts
-quickwrite drafting
HW Write 2nd typed draft, due Mon, April 16th.
3D project due Tues, April 17th.

Mon-Tues: Drafts due!
3-D Gallery Walk.
HW Final drafts due to Friday, April 20th
Hard copies due Mon/Tues.

Wed-Fri: Read Rhinoceros as a class
-discuss Theater of the Absurd
-connections to Metamorphosis

Book Talk-final independent reading choices and project

CST Testing Week

Mon/Tues: Hard Copies due.
Continue reading Rhinoceros

Wed/Fri: Seminar: Conformity and the Status Quo-How does our knowledge of existentialism and theater of the absurd help us understand peoples desire to belong.

Persuasive Business Letter
Hiroshima by John Hersey
-culminating test and essay

Friday, March 9, 2012

Weekly Agenda Mar 12-16

Romeo and Juliet

Recitations today!
HW Read Act 5 for Thursday
Vocab Crossword Quiz on Friday

Cont' Recitations
Review Acts 4 & 5
-focus on Juliet as empowered female
Work on Character Squares

Finish Movie

Cont' Review
Study Guide-Topic Outline
HW Character Squares are due March 19th
Book Test Tuesday

Review Independent Reading
-3 paragraph structure
-creating effective theses

Acquire Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco
I will provide Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, unless you want your own text to write in.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly Agenda Mar 5-9

Romeo and Juliet

Begin Character Chart
Translate Friar Soliloquy

Character Squares Assignment DUE March 19
Review Act 2, Scenes 3-6
-discuss character foil and plot
Vocabulary review
HW Read Act 3 for Thursday

No journal entry, instead make up previous ones if necessary.

Recitation Assignment DUE March 12-13
-12-15 lines
Review Act 3: Plot movement
-analyze the different ironies
-metaphor motifs
HW Read Act 4 for Tuesday.

Watch Movie
Practice recitations.