Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Agenda Feb 6-10

The House on Mango Street

Share mimics or original vignettes
Review Collection assignment: DUE MONDAY, FEB 13th.
-look at student models
Review Q's from "Sire
Revisit Influential Women chart
HW see reading schedule

TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY (CAHSEE testing = Block schedule)
"Sally" Look at figurative language
"A Smart Cookie" Chart; What does this vignette say about regret?
"What Sally Said" What is Sally's reality?  What happens to children when parent's expectations suffocate?
Memory Freewrite
HW see reading schedule; write 2 original vignettes

Last day to share.
Reading Quiz
"The Monkey Garden" How does this story follow a similar schemes as a rite of passage?
"Red Clowns" Explore the racial implications of this vignette.; How is the moon voyeuristic?  What do the "red clowns" represent?
"The Three Sisters" Mythological Allusion: 3 Fates; What does "You must remember to come back.  For the ones who cannot leave as easily as you." mean?  Analyze.
"A House of My Own"  Literary Allusion: Virgina Woolf's A Room of One's Own
HW Work on collection; come in for feedback

Suspense writing: "Ghost Walk;"
Techniques: the lead, thoughtshots, baby steps, unique perspective.
 Ideas: tone, sensory language and imagery
HW Collection due Monday. 

Journal Entry #3: Timed writing in response to Mango Street prompt.