Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekly Agenda Jan 23-26

The House on Mango Street
Reading Schedule

Wednesday 1/24 -read pp3-11: Write "Hairs" or " My Name" Mimic, due Friday
Thursday 1/25 -read pp12-20
Friday 1/26 -read pp21-32 Write 1 mimic, due Monday

Monday 1/30 -read pp3345
Tuesday 1/31 -read pp46-57 Write 1 mimic, due Friday
Thursday 2/2 -read pp58-71
Friday 2/3 -read pp72-83 Write 1 mimic, due Monday

Monday 2/6 -read pp84-93
Tuesday 2/7 -read pp84-110 Write 2 original vignettes, due Thursday

Get books
Return Work
-midterm portfolio review
Define vignette
-draw a portrait, add details to appeal to senses
-recall figurative language and the "umbrella" of literary devices
HW see reading schedule

HW see reading schedule

Notes: after reading the first vignette on page 3, comment on the first sentence: how does it grab your attention?
"The House on Mango St"  Describe the places the narrator lived before she live on Mango St.? Find  a quotation that describes the house.  What kind of house is it?  What does the nun reveal about how the narrator feels about her house?
Comment: How does repetition work?  What effect does it have on the reader?
"Hairs" What hair characterize her family members?  Write down all of the words and the senses they appeal to, you can use a pie sensory chart.
"Boys and Girls" Identify motif(s) How does the narrator's circumstances (family situation and responsibility) affect her freedom? Identify and analyze the metaphor.
HW see reading schedule

Share mimics
"Cathy Queen of Cats" Comment on the figurative language and devices, what is their effect?  Comment on gentrification and Socio-economic status.  Comment on narrative or embedded dialogue
"Our Good Day" Create a t-chart to document bicycle symbolism.
"Gil's Furniture Bought and Sold" What is the significance of the music box?  Chart sensory language.
"Louie, His Cousin & His Other Cousin" What is the significance of the Cadillac?  Do people of this neighborhood progress like the rest of the world?  Why or Why not?
"Marin" Create a chart to document the characteristics of women who influence Esperanza.
HW see reading schedule