Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly Agenda Oct. 3-7


Handout: Respond to review questions from Book Two
-make sure you use evidence
3-Q Class Discussion
HW See Reading Schedule

Character Venn Assignment: due next Tuesday
-body biographies: For two characters, find evidence that matches parts of their body.  For example, for their brain, you might find evidence for what they are thinking.  For their heart, you might find evidence of something they feel or love.
Roughdraft Venn, share student models.
HW See Reading Schedule

Journal Entry #9
Self-Grade and turn in journals.  This week marks the end of Grading Period 1.  Grades will be pulled at the beginning of next week and sent home as a progress report.  Please take this time to look at your grades, see if you can make anything up or talk to your teachers about what you are missing.
HW See Reading Schedule

Read and discuss key excerpts: pp114, 119, 128-129, 132.
-add to symbols list
Record differences between Inner and Outer party.
-Apply political theories to understanding of "The Party."
-What is the "Brotherhood?"
-Goldstein's Book
HW See Reading Schedule
AND, Character Venn due Tuesday