Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Agenda May 23-26

The Metamorphosis and Rhinoceros

Quickwrite Quaker Share
-read an excerpt from your essay prompt quickwrites
Hand back book reports
-edit reminders
-break down analytical paragraph
-"Show, Don't Tell" handout and practice
Agenda Reminders: Group Skit writing this week with a performance on Thursday
AND, finish reading Rhinoceros for Tuesday
HW Roughdraft #1 due Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday
Book Talk remaining independent book choices
-please have book by next Wednesday
Begin Skit writing
-get into groups of 3-4
-define roles and mimic Ionesco format
Peer Edit roughtdraft
-articulating thesis
-make sure all analytical paragraph components are apparent
HW Roughdraft #2 is due this Thursday

Read Around Feedback session
-pairs reading paper aloud to one another
-editing and expanding
SKIT perfomances!
HW Final essaay is due to by 11:59pm Tuesday, May 31st