Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Agenda May 16-20

The Metamorphosis and Rhinoceros

CST Testing all Week: Classes Meet Twice

DAY 1:
3-D Existentialism Project Gallery
Metamorphosis Group Poster Presentation
-discuss end and symbolism
-understanding allegory
HW Finish Rhinoceros for DAY 2

DAY 2:
Rhinoceros review
Metamorphosis Prompts
Skit Writing requirements
-follow dialogue and format of play
-blend together characters, plot and themes to convey the philosophy of existentialism through the Theater of the Absurd medium
-3-4 ppl
-2-3 minute performance
-live or taped performance
-props, costumes and music encouraged
*for the next few classes we will be writing, reviewing and editing essays
AND, writing and performing original plays in groups
HW Choose a prompt and write an outline with a thesis evidence and analysis.
Essay due May 31st to