Saturday, May 28, 2011

Final June Agenda(s): Three Weeks

May 31-June 3


Introduction to Hiroshima

-K.W.L. notes



Reflection and freewrite

HW Read Chapter 1 and write 3Qs for Thursday



Journal #____


Begin Jennings’ documentary


Review Chapter 1

HW Read Chapter 2 and 3Qs for Monday


Continue documentary

-reflect on who were the key players; how decisions were made; what factors were taken into consideration before the bomb was dropped

Excerpts from other bomb test-site footage

Review Chapter 1


June 6-June 10


Chapter 2 Discussion

-discuss journalistic style and tone

SOAPSTone analysis







(how do Hersey’s choice of adjectives influence the reader’s perception of the survivor’s experience)

HW Read Chapter 3 and 3Qs for Thursday


Review Chapters 2&3



-point of view



Journal #___


Review Chapter 3

-population behavior

-“Obligations” handout

-military behavior (WWII)

-National Character Studies (WWII)

HW Finish Book and 3Qs for Mon/Tues AND conduct a parent interview due Mon/Tues


“An Anniversary to Forget”


June 13-June15



Review Chapter 4

-reaction to the end

-Nuclear Worksheet

Persuasive Essay Style (synthesis-lite)

-authentic audience



-citing sources

(credibility, bias, integrating)

-paraphrasing vs. direct quotation

-signal phrases



HW Prepare for Final and Socratic Seminar

Excerpt from Kurosawa’s Dreams


Prepare for the final

-outline essay

Fishbowl Socratic Seminar

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Agenda May 23-26

The Metamorphosis and Rhinoceros

Quickwrite Quaker Share
-read an excerpt from your essay prompt quickwrites
Hand back book reports
-edit reminders
-break down analytical paragraph
-"Show, Don't Tell" handout and practice
Agenda Reminders: Group Skit writing this week with a performance on Thursday
AND, finish reading Rhinoceros for Tuesday
HW Roughdraft #1 due Wednesday

Tuesday and Wednesday
Book Talk remaining independent book choices
-please have book by next Wednesday
Begin Skit writing
-get into groups of 3-4
-define roles and mimic Ionesco format
Peer Edit roughtdraft
-articulating thesis
-make sure all analytical paragraph components are apparent
HW Roughdraft #2 is due this Thursday

Read Around Feedback session
-pairs reading paper aloud to one another
-editing and expanding
SKIT perfomances!
HW Final essaay is due to by 11:59pm Tuesday, May 31st

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly Agenda May 16-20

The Metamorphosis and Rhinoceros

CST Testing all Week: Classes Meet Twice

DAY 1:
3-D Existentialism Project Gallery
Metamorphosis Group Poster Presentation
-discuss end and symbolism
-understanding allegory
HW Finish Rhinoceros for DAY 2

DAY 2:
Rhinoceros review
Metamorphosis Prompts
Skit Writing requirements
-follow dialogue and format of play
-blend together characters, plot and themes to convey the philosophy of existentialism through the Theater of the Absurd medium
-3-4 ppl
-2-3 minute performance
-live or taped performance
-props, costumes and music encouraged
*for the next few classes we will be writing, reviewing and editing essays
AND, writing and performing original plays in groups
HW Choose a prompt and write an outline with a thesis evidence and analysis.
Essay due May 31st to

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Agenda May 9-13

The Metamorphosis

Monday & Tuesday
Review Chapter 3 Questions
Update Foldables-chapter 2
"Balance" Animation
-3D project assignment
-represents your understanding of existentialism
HW For Thursday: Finish Foldables; Have Rhinoceros in class

Discuss "Letter to Father" and Sartre piece
Look at symbols and connect to language
-examine symbols through our understanding of magical realism

Doodle Analysis Activity
Please bring Rhinoceros, if you have it.


Thursday & Friday
Group Poster
-combine foldables
-Theater of the absurd
Introduce Prompts for The Metamorphosis
-Quick write on 3
-draft #1 due by WED
HW Read ACT 1 of Rhinoceros for MONDAY

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Agenda May 2-6

Monday & Tuesday
Review Chapter 1 Pictures and Symbols
-add collect/connect in foldables
Back to the "long" definition
-reciprocal reading worksheet
-pair share
Literary terms associated with genre
-revisit Magical Realism
HW Read Chapter 2 and complete Chapter Picture for Thursday

Sartre's writing on existentialism

Thursday & Friday
Review Chapter 2 Pictures and 3 Questions
-vocabulary and essential language
Doodles Activity
-Freudian "silliness"
HW Read Chapter 3 and complete Chapter Picture for Monday
AND, acquire Rhinoceros for Monday

Group Poster
Reading Quiz