Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly Agenda April 25-29

Monday& Tuesday
Tomorrow: Collect Hard Copies of Book Reports
The Metamorphosis
Franz Kafka Biography
NO HW due Tuesday

Descartes " I think, therefore I am" Freewrite
-short definition existentialism
-apply to a high school setting
HW (for each chapter)

No Journal

Thursday & Friday
Review 3Qs class discussion
-glancing at the explanatory notes, p 63
-Foldables: Chapter 1 symbols list
Vocabulary Review
Review long definition -Existentialism
-reciprocal reading
-pair share

HW Chapter Picture:Write 3Qs, 1 quotation (s) that matches your picture(s).

HW Read Chapter 2 and 3Qs, 1 vocabulary word with definition and picture summary.
HW Literary Terms: write a creative way to understand the term
SSR: Life and Times Criticism
Double-Entry #6
3-D Project to represent existentialism
Chapter 3
Reading Quiz
S/M/T chart
group poster
v/w complex