Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekly Agenda March 7-11

Romeo & Juliet

Monday - Wednesday

Shakespeare Notes
-life and times
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Elizabethan Age
  • Chain of Being
  • Beliefs and Superstitions
  • Theater and performance
  • Shakespeare Biography
  • Play Structure
  • Family Feud as Structure
HW Read Romeo and Juliet Act I, Scenes 1-3 by Friday
SSR Reading and Journal Entry #6 on R&J

Thursday & Friday
What are/is
-a soliloquy?
-a character foil
HW Finish ACT I

Introduce Character Chart and Squares Assignment
Review Act 1, Scene 2
Dramatic Reading Scene 3
Pair Work on Character Chart
ACT 1 Handout
-analyze quotations
Reveiw ACT 1, Scenes 3-5
Watch Movie
HW Read ACT 2, Scenes 1 & 2 and analyze imagery in balcony metaphors