Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekly Agenda Jan 10-14

Review Chapter 3 of Demian
-see 3 Questions
1) How does the description of Demian match his personality? (Dover p32)
Connect it to a Jungian archetype.
2) What is the purpose of the "tricks" Demian plays on people? (Dover pp34-35)
How do these tricks empower Sinclair?
3) Analyze the passage on page 39 (full paragraph) and connect it to 'Two Worlds' and Jungian theory.
Group Work
-sign up for presentations next Monday and Tuesday
-final day for group work in class in Friday
Dream analysis
-recall an image from a recent dream and we will analyze it's significance
-flying dreams and significance
HW See reading schedule

Journal Entry #16

Review "Beatrice" Chapter
-Dante's Beatrice
Growing Picture
Begin s/m/t chart
Group Work
HW Read Chapter 5