Saturday, January 29, 2011

The House on Mango Street Reading Schedule

monday pupil free day
tuesday 2/1-read first 3 vignettes & answer questions, due thursday
thursday 2/3-read next 3 vignettes & answer questions, due friday
friday 2/4-read next 3 vignettes & write 1 mimic, due monday

monday 2/6-read next 3 vignettes & write 2 mimics, due thursday
thursday 2/10-read up to p38 & write 1 vignette, due friday
friday 2/11-read up to p57, due monday

monday 2/14-read up to p83 and write 2 vignettes, due thursday
thursday 2/17-finish book and answer "Sally" questions, write 2 more vignettes, due monday

Vignette Memoir due Feb 25th (please see assignment)