Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Agenda Feb 2-4

The House on Mango Street

Mon-Pupil Free Day

Get Books
Define Vignette
-show, don't tell language
Course Outline
-signature by Friday please
-Independent Reading
Pass back finals
-midyear portfolio review
HW Read 3 vignettes for Thursday


Creative Writing
-elements and literary term
-freewrites and mimics

Sharing (the beginning of each class)
-quaker share
-writer spotlight
-writer's panel
HW Every night you will be expected to read and write at least one vignette for the next day.

Writing Vignette Techniques

-breaking conventional writing rules
-memoir and subject matter
-plot, conflict and foil
-suspense and imagery

Creative Writing
-monologue and dialogue
-show, don't tell
-descriptive language
--body, emotion, nature
--thoughtshots and baby steps
-Bring in photo for memory freewrite
--personal motif and life theme

The House on Mango Street Reading Schedule

monday pupil free day
tuesday 2/1-read first 3 vignettes & answer questions, due thursday
thursday 2/3-read next 3 vignettes & answer questions, due friday
friday 2/4-read next 3 vignettes & write 1 mimic, due monday

monday 2/6-read next 3 vignettes & write 2 mimics, due thursday
thursday 2/10-read up to p38 & write 1 vignette, due friday
friday 2/11-read up to p57, due monday

monday 2/14-read up to p83 and write 2 vignettes, due thursday
thursday 2/17-finish book and answer "Sally" questions, write 2 more vignettes, due monday

Vignette Memoir due Feb 25th (please see assignment)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Good Luck on your finals. Please stop by h216 at lunch if you need help or have any makeup to turn in on MONDAY (last day).

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Agenda Jan 18-24

Group Presentations
Review Reading
-share collect/connect
See reading schedule

Dream Analysis
s/m/t chart
Sentence Portrait
Show, Don't Tell
-improving descriptive language
Preparing for Final

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekly Agenda Jan 10-14

Review Chapter 3 of Demian
-see 3 Questions
1) How does the description of Demian match his personality? (Dover p32)
Connect it to a Jungian archetype.
2) What is the purpose of the "tricks" Demian plays on people? (Dover pp34-35)
How do these tricks empower Sinclair?
3) Analyze the passage on page 39 (full paragraph) and connect it to 'Two Worlds' and Jungian theory.
Group Work
-sign up for presentations next Monday and Tuesday
-final day for group work in class in Friday
Dream analysis
-recall an image from a recent dream and we will analyze it's significance
-flying dreams and significance
HW See reading schedule

Journal Entry #16

Review "Beatrice" Chapter
-Dante's Beatrice
Growing Picture
Begin s/m/t chart
Group Work
HW Read Chapter 5

Monday, January 3, 2011


Please read Demian by each due date:
Chapter 1 "Two Realms" by Wed, 1/5
Chapter 2 "Cain" by Fri, 1/7
Chapter 3 "Among Thieves" by Mon, 1/10
Chapter 4 "Beatrice" by Thurs, 1/13
Chapter 5 "The Bird...Egg" by Tues, 1/18
Chapter 6 "Jacob Wrestling" & "Eva" by Thurs, 1/20
Chapter 7 "The End Begins" by Mon, 1/24

Timed Writing Essay will be your final for Demian.
3rd pd-Jan 26th
6th pd-Jan 28th

Weekly Agenda Jan 3-7, 2011

Please see Demian Reading Schedule.

Hand back 1984 essays
-writing improvements
-group share out
-planning and due dates for final projects
Demian (review of 1st semester terms)
-review Jungian terms
assign "Growing Picture"
--dynamic vs static
-motif and theme
Journal Entries for Chapter Evidence Collection
and Packet