Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Weekly Agenda Nov 8-15; Nov 15-19

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde
Please note that Thursday and Friday are furlough days, no school.

Pass out texts (if you would like to purchase the book for $1.50 please pay Ms. Stevens on the 16th)
Introduction to Stevenson
-biography (students take notes)
Vocabulary and Footnotes
-students write an inventory
-word sorts
Allusions and Literary terms

3Q Discussion
Characterization of our narrator
-is a reliable narrator
-write 3 sentences, mimic Stevenson

HW Read Chapter 1 and write 3Qs for Tuesday
HW Read Chapter 2 and write 3Qs for Thursday
HW Read Victorian Times Piece and answer Questions as Journal # 10 (no format)

Journal #11

MON & TUES (Nov 15-16)
Vocabulary Quiz
Review Victorian Times Qs
-highlight important sections
-clarify big ideas
3Qs Discussion
Chapter Map Assignment (due at the end of our reading)
HW Read Chapter 3 and write 3Qs for Tuesday
HW Read Chapter 4 and write 3Qs for Thursday

Journal #12

3Q Discussion
Stevenson's sentence structure
Revisit the Chapter Map
-ideas and innovations
Mask Assignment
-due Monday (creative project grade)
HW Mask assignment
HW Read Chapter 5 and write 3Qs

Gallery Walk
3Q Discussions
Finish Text
Chapter Paragraph
-group assignments
-transitional expressions
-sample paragraphs
--punctuation; introductory clauses
-quick draw
J&H Study Guide
J&H Book Test