Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly Agenda Nov 1-5

1984 (the complete text online!)

Finish watching
-review notes and requirements for assignment
-due Friday
Introduce 1984 process essay prompts
HW Brainstorm on prompt topics

Skip SSR
-no journal entry
-Book talk
Work on Essay Prompts
-Quick Quote Share Analysis
HW Draft 1 (thesis, evidence and analysis) due WED

Working on drafts
-Read Around Edit with Draft 1
Peer Editing Draft 2
-rubric and models
HW Final Draft due next Monday at 10pm to
AND, please get Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for Monday, as well as, choose your independent reading books for next WED.

NOTE: Ms. Stevens will be away next Monday, Nov 8-Nov 15. Feel free to email me at anytime and I will do my best to respond.