Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekly Agenda Oct 18-22


In groups, answer questions about theories divulged through "Goldstein's Book."
Each response must be in paragraph form.
Key Questions:
What is a "Floating Fortress?"
What is the "primary aim of modern warfare?"
What is the connection between wealth and power?
What techniques or strategies allow the Party to control its citizens?
How is the world today (in 1984) "more primitive?"
What is "the machine?" What does it have to do with: "human drudgery;" "goods;" "poverty and ignorance?"
What are the aims of the party?
HW Chapter's 9 & 10 and 3qs

Collect and share body biographies
Review questions from group work
-turn in group questions (1 piece of paper)

Journal Entry #9
TURN IN JOURNALS TODAY, self-graded and totaled

Review Theme Paragraph and Baseline Essays
Book Report Format (and Writing Rubric on Monday)
-pair work
-"transitions" handout
MLA Format
Book Report on Independent Reading DUE Thursday
3Q Class Discussion
HW Read Book 3, Chapters 1-2 and 3Qs for MONDAY

Movie Permission Slips