Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Agenda April 26-30

Quick KWL and letter to double bomb survivor
Overhead notes
-statistics on the bomb's "little boy" and "fat man"
-geography and blast chart
Review Chapter 1 3Qs
-class discussion
Notes on the characterizations of the survivors
HW Read Chapter 2 for Thursday and 3Qs

Peter Jenning's Documentary
Set up Notes in graphic organizer
-look for key players
-how the decision was made; for example, what factors were taken into consideration before they finalized the day and place.

NO SSR today, get books for next week
Finish watching documentary and taking notes

Chapter 2 review
-3Q class discussion
Discuss Tone (journalistic style)
-word choice (how do Hersey's choice of adjectives influence the readers perception of the survivors' experiences?)
-literary devices, if any
-point of view
HW Read Chapter 3 for Monday and 3Qs

Discuss population behavior in terms of disaster and compare it to how you think a modern, western society would react
Parent Interview Assignment
-Interview an adult (18 and older) who may have some opinions to share
-ask specific questions and record answers as best as possible
-include your responses if there are any
Generate generic interview Qs
HW Interview Adult and Read Chapter 3