Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Agenda April 26-30

Quick KWL and letter to double bomb survivor
Overhead notes
-statistics on the bomb's "little boy" and "fat man"
-geography and blast chart
Review Chapter 1 3Qs
-class discussion
Notes on the characterizations of the survivors
HW Read Chapter 2 for Thursday and 3Qs

Peter Jenning's Documentary
Set up Notes in graphic organizer
-look for key players
-how the decision was made; for example, what factors were taken into consideration before they finalized the day and place.

NO SSR today, get books for next week
Finish watching documentary and taking notes

Chapter 2 review
-3Q class discussion
Discuss Tone (journalistic style)
-word choice (how do Hersey's choice of adjectives influence the readers perception of the survivors' experiences?)
-literary devices, if any
-point of view
HW Read Chapter 3 for Monday and 3Qs

Discuss population behavior in terms of disaster and compare it to how you think a modern, western society would react
Parent Interview Assignment
-Interview an adult (18 and older) who may have some opinions to share
-ask specific questions and record answers as best as possible
-include your responses if there are any
Generate generic interview Qs
HW Interview Adult and Read Chapter 3

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekly Agenda April 19-23

Finish discussing Rhinoceros Act 3
-Group Skit writing assignment
--2-3 minutes long
--blend together characters, plot and themes from Metamorphosis and Rhinoceros to convey the philosophy of existentialism through a Theater of the Absurd medium.
--follow the dialogue and narrative format of Rhinoceros
--performed in front of the class or make a video
--props, costumes and music encouraged
Brainstorm session
HW Metamorphosis essay due tonight to by 10pm

Group Work Day
Product: Roughdraft to be typed tonight for performances on Thursday

Book Talk Day
Finish Group Work
Turn in Metamorphosis and get Hiroshima
HW Presentations Tomorrow!!


Introduction to Hiroshima
K.W.L Notes
Reflection and Freewrite
HW Read Chapter 1 and write 3qs

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekly Agenda April 12-16

3-D Project Gallery Walk
Metamorphosis Read Around
-small group
-peer edit
HW Rhinoceros Act 1 3Qs

Review 3Qs
-apply existentialism
Dramatic Reading
HW Rhinoceros Act 2 3Qs

Journal Entry #7

Review Terms
-Theater of the Absurd
Review Act 2
HW Read Act 3 and 3qs
Metamorphosis Essay due Friday

Review Act 3 and play assignment
Group work short skit blending plot, characters and themes from Metamorphosis and Rhinoceros
HW Be prepared to perform skit Monday