Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Agenda Mar 22-26

Review long definition of Existentialism
-reciprocal teaching handouts due
Chapter 2 Picture Summary due
-review 3Qs and quotations and vocabulary
-record new symbols and recurring symbols
HW Read Metamorphosis CH 3 and Picture Summary for Thursday

Review, Organize and Add to portfolio
-table of contents
Kafka Doodles Interpretation
HW Letter to His Father Handout due Wednesday

Review Letter Assignment
SSR (Supplementary Materials)
Journal Entry #6

Review Chapter 3
Essay Prompts
-Freewrite ideas
-gather evidence
Sartre Cookbook just for fun!
3-D representation of existentialism project -DUE MONDAY APRIL 12th
HW Choose 5 symbols to connect to larger themes in the book. Be prepared to share.

Review symbols
-s/m/t quiz (and connect to essay prompts)
Reading through critical lenses:
-explanatory notes
-critic's essays/commentary
Return Independent Book Report
-review transitions, format, paragraphing, word choice, syntax, etc.
Pair Share analysis
-3D Project
-complete typed draft of Metamorphosis Essay:
--Introduction and Thesis; 3-5 body paragraphs with embedded evidence (conclusion is not necessary)
AND please, please acquire RHINOCEROS

For office use only:
  • group poster
  • gallery walk
  • Rhinoceros t-graph, Acts 1-3
  • Theater of the Absurd
  • syllogism
  • absurdity and existentialism
  • Group original play combining The Metamorphosis and Rhinoceros
  • presentations
  • teacher conferences for process essay
  • peer read around and edit
  • DUE Friday April 16 to