Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekly Agenda Feb 16-19

Finish Zeffirelli's ACT 1
Review language in Queen Mab soliloquy, hidden sonnet in kiss scene and balcony scene
ACT 2 vocabulary list
-plot in inventory
-new term: soliloquy
Work on Character Chart
HW Read ACT 2, scenes 3 & 4 and recast balcony scene with modern actors or characters, explain your choices

Journal #2

Review recasting choices
Dramatic reading 2.2 -2.4
Review new language and imagery
Irony, insults and malapropisms
Recitation Assignment due next Monday
HW Finish ACT 2 and add to character chart

Watch movie -act 2
Act 3 Vocab, plot in inventory
Review Text
HW Practice recitation!!