Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekly Agenda 10/19-10/23

smt.tac practice (symbol/motif/theme.translate&analyze&conclude)
-breaking down symbols, finding recurring motif and generating thesis
-learning how to write thoroughly about quotations from a novel
Review 3qs class discussion
Review previous language from BOOK I
-review T.A.C.
--introduce transitions (worksheet)
HW Finish Book 2 for Thursday and 3qs

Journal #7
Self-grade and turn in for credit

Review 3qs discussion
Sentence mimics and style analysis

Review "Goldstein's Book"
-revisit definitions for political terms: Leninism, communism, socialism, etc.
-"the machine" -"ING-SOC" -3-social classes, etc.
HW Read Book 3, Chap 1-2 for MON and 3Qs
AND Bring in Independent Reading Books, be prepared to discuss

Introduce Book Report Structure, models, and rubric
Equilibrium Parent Permission Slips
Literary Circles
-discuss and review independent book
--see questions
-pair up for book report
HW Get permission slips signed